Cancellation/Refund Policy
Last Updated on April 17th, 2023
Your satisfaction with our done for you service including The Pink Vault, #PostformePinkVault, done for you content, GoHybrid services, GoSavvy Services and other Programs, Courses, Offers are important to us. However, because of the extensive time, effort, preparation, and care that goes into creating and providing the Programs and Services we have a no refund policy. Unless otherwise provided by law, you acknowledge that we do not offer refunds for any portion of your payment for any of our Programs and Services and no refunds will be provided to you at any time. By using and/or purchasing our Program and Services, you understand and agree that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided.

Since we have a clear and explicit Refund Policy in these T&C’s that you have agreed to prior to completing the purchase of the Program or Services, we do not tolerate or accept any type of chargeback threat or actual chargeback from your credit card company or payment processor. In the event that a chargeback is placed on a purchase or we receive a chargeback threat during or after your purchase, we reserve the right to report the incident to all three credit reporting agencies or to any other entity for inclusion in any chargeback database or for listing as a delinquent account which could have a negative impact on your credit report score. The information reported will include your name, email address, order date, order amount, and billing address. Chargeback abusers wishing to be removed from the database shall make the payment for the amount of the chargeback.

The Pink Vault monthly subscribers will automatically renew every 30 days. If you would like to cancel your monthly subscription that you have with us, you can do this by email at at least 3 business days prior to your next payment cycle and you will not be charged effective the following month.

If you have any questions, please email us at
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